Thursday, April 27, 2017

Clear the way for the buffet

Did you ever get so involved in your activities that time seems to fly by and you happen to skip your normal lunch break?
Suddenly you hear your stomach gurgling out in complaint. The rumbling is so loud people on the opposite side of the building look up wondering where the noise is coming from.

It’s a category five hurricane hunger roar from hell.

You’re no longer just plain hungry. Nay, at this point you need food now. You are living out the Snicker’s commercial, you know the one where the person is ready to bite your head off until he is fed a Snicker’s bar. It’s that moment when no one should cross your path and even a happy hello gets the evil-eye look in return.

You’ve reached HANGRY!

So you start to ponder your food choices. Hitting McDonald’s just won’t do, the drive through line is too long, and not quite the fast-food that is required at the moment.
That also rules out going to a restaurant where you have to wait on someone to take your order. Then you have to wait on your food.

NOPE. I said I’m HANGRY…ain’t nobody got time to be WAITING on food right now.
It’s time for sustenance, grub, bring on the food and bring it NOW!

It suddenly hit me. No line, no waiting, and all food – Yep I’m hitting the Golden Hibachi Chinese Buffet.

The hardest thing is having to drive there but within minutes – I’m IN.
“One please, sweet tea and get out of my way lady,” I say dropping my purse and cell phone at the table and running over to grab my plate. (OK I really didn’t tell the nice waitress to get out of my way, but I thought it).
Looking across the different buffet tables, I can see the steam coming off the hot food and the aroma of a variety of succulent offerings fills my nostrils. I have to try and decide what to pick first.

YES, food and lots of it and I can have as much as I want….muuaaahaahaahaa.

I load up on chicken with broccoli, egg rolls, fried rice, green beans and some won-ton soup, trip one complete.
Yum, the broccoli and green beans are delicious. The rice tastes good as well.
I dunk the egg roll into the won-ton soup and take a big bite. I slurp away at the soup and devour the won-tons. Round one is done.

Yes! Instant gratification and the Hangry starts to subside.

For seconds, I hit the sushi area for some shrimp sushi, California rolls, tuna rolls and assorted what-nots I think I may want to try. I add a little wasabi to the plate to mix with the soy sauce and head back to the table. I mix the soy and wasabi, grab the chopsticks, pinch the first sushi piece, dunk it in the mix and gracefully into my mouth it goes.

HOT. Yep too much wasabi in the soy sauce. The sinuses clear, eyes water but it’s oh so good.

The food starts filling the spot. The temper is no longer flaring, I slow down.

“OK, round three, I’ll eat slower and savor it more,” I think to myself.

I place some chicken wings on my plate and walk over to the lo-Mein noodles and serve some up as well. I grab a big spoonful of mushrooms, two spring rolls and more green beans (which are my favorite).

“Pace yourself,” I say in my mind.

But within minutes the plate is empty, the waitress refills my sweet tea and reaches for the empty dish.

“Don’t look at me like I’ve eating too much,” I think to myself without looking back up at the waitress. “I mean it was your boss’ idea to make this an all-you-can-eat place, not mine.”

But the waitress simply proceeds to smile picks up other empty plates in the tables that surround me and walks away. Simply doing her job.

Well all-righty then, no judgements…this is my kind of place…good thing I wore my stretchy pants today…time for round four!

I waddle back over to the sushi bar for a few more exotic picks. I place a few dumplings on my plate, more green beans and a few more mushrooms.
The pace has slowed dramatically since rushing in the door just 20 minutes prior. I take a few minutes in between bites and check social media updates on my cell phone.

I finish my plate (because I hate wasting food…you know there are starving people in….).

I pay my bill and head back to the office.

Revitalized from the nourishment I dive back into work but soon the storm of Hangry gets replaced by the arrival of food coma.

My belly is so full…a nap would be perfect right about now. People, the struggle is real!

Golden Hibachi Buffet is located at 503 W Oglethorpe Highway. They are reasonably priced with buffet lunch starting at $6.99. The buffet is also open during dinner hours for $9.99 and includes seafood items like mussels, crawfish and shrimp. Crab legs are offered during dinner buffet for an additional $4.99. Meal prices don’t include the cost of drinks and Golden Hibachi Buffet does not sell alcoholic beverages. Carry out is available, but why limit yourself, go in sit down and EAT!

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